Intelligent Business Continuity vs. Data Backup

Intelligent Business Continuity is the entire process, start to finish, that keeps a business’ operations running. The elements of continuity are:

  • Image-based backup – backup the entire machine – not just data
  • Hybrid cloud-based backup – backup on-site and off-site
  • Instant Virtualization – spin up a virtual version of your server on-site or off-site when needed
  • Superior Recovery Time Objective (RTO) – How much time can your business afford to be down?
  • Incomparable Recovery Point Objective (RPO) – How much data is a business willing to lose?
  • Mitigates downtime

If a piece is missing, it’s not continuity, from the type of backup, instant virtualization to the secure cloud, complete system recovery, all while maintaining the means to keep a business operational and open for business. Continuity is a key differentiator for businesses today.

Please view this short video for an overview of the Datto solution from Knibbs.