Video Calling Guide

How to make your team’s video calls easier and less stressful Another useful work from home guide from Knibbs. Video calling and conferencing has exploded since most of us had to start working from home. And we’re getting so many questions about it every day. Such as: Which platform should I use? I read that Zoom and Houseparty aren’t safe… are they? How can I make video calls and conferences less stressful for me and my team? So we’ve pulled together a guide to video calls and conferencing while you’re working from home. Discover which platform is right for [...]

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Tech Tip – Using OneDrive Cloud Storage on Windows 10

If you want to set up quick and easy cloud storage from your Windows PC for storing, sharing and saving files across your different devices you can use OneDrive. Here’s how to set it up: - If you have a Microsoft account e.g.,, email address, Xbox Live or Skype account you can use that to sign in. - If you don’t have a Microsoft account, go to and click the click the ‘Sign up for free’ button - click on the Create a Microsoft account button, create a new email address and password, click ‘Next’ and [...]

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Tech Tip – Get Alexa In Windows 10

Many of us are used to using Amazon’s digital voice-activated assistant for all kinds of things at home. You can also use it via Windows 10 in the office. Here’s how: Many new computers may come with the Alexa App pre-installed. Look for the Alexa app in the Start menu or type 'Amazon Alexa' in the Start menu Search bar. If your computer doesn’t support hands-free access, click the Alexa icon at the bottom of the app to call up the voice assistant. If you don’t have the Alexa App pre-installed on your computer, you can install it: Ensure your [...]

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Forced Unbundling of Google Apps From Android

The European Commission anti-competition ruling against Google that will force it to change its OS by unbundling the Google Play store and native apps could help other phone makers, but could also make the new 'P' version of Android’s OS less interesting. 90 Days To Change The EC ruling, which also imposed an eye-watering $5 billion fine this month, essentially means that Google only has a 90 day period in which to unbundle popular parts of its Android OS so that it no longer receives what the EC sees as an unfair advantage over competitors. Manufacturers Forced To Bundle For [...]

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Choosing the right Internet connection

A modern business uses the internet for surfing, email, access to various portals, filing returns online, making purchases…. the list goes on. Are you sure you have the right internet connection for your business? Many organisations take their internet connection for granted until there is a problem with it – then half of your business grinds to a halt. You can’t take orders – you can’t place orders on your supplier you can’t do online filing – which for organisations such as accounting firms is a disaster. It’s well worth taking a step back for a minute and consider what [...]

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The Benefits of Hosted VoIP

There is much talk on the internet about VoIP (Voice over IP) and how it can save you money. Using a hosted VoIP phone servicehowever has many more benefits to your business. The Basics Rather than use traditional telephone lines, VoIP uses an internet connection to make and receive phone calls. The number of concurrent users or calls you can have depends on the speed and quality of your internet connection. You can still make and receive phone calls to and from traditional phone numbers using this service. Calls between VoIP users on your service are generally free. Lower Setup [...]

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Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) Considerations

Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) as a trend is here to stay. More and more employees are using tablets and smartphones at home and want to bring them into the office to use. If you have a wireless network that employees use and they have access to the security key you may find that some of their personal devices are already connected to your network without your knowledge. Allowing employee owned devices can be beneficial - allowing greater flexibility and in the right environment greater creativity and productivity. However, there are security and productivity pitfalls that need to be considered. [...]

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Gmail has blocked me – what can I do?

It's likely that you are reading this because Google have blocked your IP address as they have identified your IP address as a source of spam emails. So, basically, you can't send email to any Google accounts. First things first. Why did Google blacklist you? Google don't do this lightly. You have either been sending large amounts of email to Google accounts over a short period (in which case stop it!) or more likely you have some MalWare on one of your PCs that is doing this without your knowledge. So before we look at how to request you are [...]

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Good Password Practices

With the rise of brute force attacks (automated attempts to crack passwords) on the rise. There has never been a better time to review the passwords you use. It's not an easy task to choose a password. Your password should be fairly long and shouldn't be one that can be guessed. However, you do need to be able to remember it! Here are a few pointers on how to choose a good password: First and foremost - choose a password that would be hard to crack. Never share your password Don't use the same password for all of your accounts [...]

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How to make your PC run like new

Nothing quite gets to you like a slow computer. When you bought your PC it was nice and quick but over time it's just got slower and slower.... sound familiar? Well it may be that your PC is a few years old and time for a replacement but there may be life in the old dog yet! We manage all of the PCs on our customers network with our IT support services, to ensure that they are running at the optimum level. But if you want to speed up your own PC it can be quite simple and it's worth trying [...]

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