Sharepoint for Collaboration

How SharePoint makes remote working easier Right now we’re all looking at hybrid setups. The perfect technology that allows you to collaborate and work efficiently, whether you’re working from home or at your workplace. We think SharePoint could be the perfect solution for your business. And we’ve created this new video to tell you why.

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Preparing for the end of lockdown

The more you prepare now for the end of lockdown, the easier it will be So lockdown is still in force right now. But have you started planning yet, for when your staff can return to the workplace? It's going to happen at some point. And the more you plan and act now, the easier it will be. There are three areas to consider: Your people, especially if you end up with a mix of some at the workplace, and others still working from home The equipment they use. Laptops are still difficult to buy with limited supplies. But [...]

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Coronavirus Urgent Advisory

We’re helping every person and business in our service area to stay safe, by issuing this urgent advisory. Hackers have become very creative in the last few weeks, leveraging the Coronavirus to target people. We’ve seen a massive surge in attacks. So we’ve compiled a list of some of the most recent scams dreamed up by hackers and phone fraudsters. Fill in your details here to get this urgent advisory emailed to you NOW.

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No Leather, Jeans, Hard Surfaces, Other Cards or Magnets – Warning for Apple Card

Just as the new ‘Apple Card’ is launched in the US, Apple has listed several surfaces and materials that could damage and discolour the coated titanium card – including denim and leather. Apple Card The newly launched (in the US) no fees, instant cash-back Apple Card is a partnership between Apple and Goldman Sachs with processing by Mastercard.  The Apple Card is operated through the Wallet app on iPhone (iPhone 6 and later) and is accompanied by a physical laser-etched card, made of coated titanium and with no card number, no CVV security code, and no expiration date or signature [...]

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Free Ransomware Killers Save £88M in Ransoms

Free downloadable ransomware tools launched by Europol in association with several cybersecurity firms as part of the ‘No More Ransom’ initiative are estimated to have saved businesses £87.6 million. Who / What Is Europol? Europol is the European Union Agency for Law Enforcement Cooperation. No More Ransom ‘No More Ransom’ is the name given to the initiative launched July 29th 2016 by Europol’s European Cybercrime Centre.  This is the National High-Tech Crime Unit of the Netherlands’ police and McAfee that works to help victims of ransomware to retrieve their encrypted data without having to pay ransoms to criminals.  The idea is [...]

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Commercial Release of BlueKeep Malware Causes Concern

Tech and security commentators have expressed their fears that a version of the BlueKeep malware (that’s been included in a commercial penetration testing toolkit) could prove to be dangerous if it falls into the wrong hands. What Is BlueKeep? BlueKeep is a kind of malware that can be deployed to exploit a vulnerability in older versions of the Windows operating system.  The malware, which was discovered in May, is estimated to have already affected one million systems globally, and is, therefore, thought to have the potential to become a bigger threat than WannaCry (the ransomware from 2017 that affected 300,000 [...]

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‘Five Eyes’ Demand Back Door Access To Encrypted Services … Or Else

The frustration of the so-called 'Five Eyes' governments in not being allowed access to end-to-end encrypted apps such as WhatsApp has boiled-over into the threat of enforcement via legislative (or other) measures. Who Are The ‘Five Eyes’? The so-called ‘Five Eyes’ refers to the intelligence alliance of the governments of the UK, US, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. Dating back to just after World War 2, the alliance is now secured by the UKUSA Agreement, a treaty for joint cooperation in signals intelligence. What’s The Problem? The argument from the government perspective is that end-to-end encryption in apps such as [...]

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Get a digital refresh

To ensure everyone in the UK can upskill and reskill, Microsoft is committed to offering #digitalskillscourses from basic digital literacy through to advanced #cloud technology skills Within the next two decades, 90% of jobs will require some level of digital proficiency, while the shortage of technical skills continues to grow. However, while there's a growing need for digital skills, our own research and experience has highlighted an increasing cloud skills gap. To ensure everyone in the UK can upskill and reskill, Microsoft is committed to offering digital skills courses from basic digital literacy through to advanced cloud technology skills. [...]

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