What Is Microsoft Defender for Individuals & What Does It Do?

When you hear about Microsoft adding security apps to M365, it’s often the business versions. But the pandemic has changed the way that we see the workplace. It’s now a hybrid world. One made up of several connected “mini-offices” located in employee homes. The outsourcing market has also contributed to the change in company networks. Freelancers are often contracted to work the same hours as employees. This means less overhead and taxes to pay. Approximately 68% of large consumer products companies outsource a part of their workforce. What we’re getting at is that the need for home devices and network [...]

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The Biggest Vulnerabilities that Hackers are Feasting on Right Now

Software vulnerabilities are an unfortunate part of working with technology. A developer puts out a software release with millions of lines of code. Then, hackers look for loopholes that allow them to breach a system through that code. The developer issues a patch to fix the vulnerability. But it’s not long before a new feature update causes more. It’s like a game of “whack-a-mole” to keep your systems secure. Keeping up with new vulnerabilities is one of the top priorities of IT management firms. It’s important to know which software and operating systems are being attacked. Without ongoing patch and [...]

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WhatsApp for Business?

In this article, we look at the features, pros and cons of the business-focused version of WhatsApp. Launched in 2018  The business-focused Android version of ‘WhatsApp Business’ was launched in January 2018 in the UK, and the iOS version was launched in early 2019. Available for free, but with pricing per message and a cost for the API, the app is specifically aimed at the needs of small businesses, which account for 99.3% of all private sector businesses in the UK (FSB). Connect Small Businesses With Their Customers  At the time of its launch, Facebook-owned WhatsApp said that it wanted [...]

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Small Businesses Are Attacked by Hackers 3x More than Larger Ones

Have you felt more secure from cyberattacks because you have a smaller business? Maybe you thought that you couldn’t possibly have anything that a hacker could want? Didn’t think they even knew about your small business. Well, a new report by cybersecurity firm Barracuda Networks debunks this myth. Their report analyzed millions of emails across thousands of organizations. It found that small companies have a lot to worry about when it comes to their IT security. Barracuda Networks found something alarming. Employees at small companies saw 350% more social engineering attacks than those at larger ones. It defines a small [...]

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Internet Explorer Has Lost All Support (What You Need to Know)

After being the main entry to the internet in the late 1990s and early 2000s, Internet Explorer (IE) is gone. As of June 15, 2022, Microsoft dropped the web browser from support. IE ushered in the age of connection to the world in 1995 and held a majority of the browser market share for many years. But the release of newer technologies like Google Chrome made it less relevant. In 2014, Internet Explorer still held about 59% of the global market share, with Chrome at 21%. But just two years later, IE lost its top spot to Chrome and trailed [...]

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5 Mistakes Companies Are Making in the Digital Workplace

The pandemic has been a reality that companies around the world have shared. It required major changes in how they operate. No longer, did the status quo of having everyone work in the office make sense for everyone. Many organizations had to quickly evolve to working through remote means. During the worst of the pandemic, it’s estimated that 70% of full-time workers were working from home. Even now that the pandemic has hit a new waning phase, remote work is still very much a reality. 92% of surveyed employees expect to still work from home at least 1 or more [...]

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You Need to Watch Out for Reply-Chain Phishing Attacks

Phishing. It seems you can’t read an article on cybersecurity without it coming up. That’s because phishing is still the number one delivery vehicle for cyberattacks. A cybercriminal may want to steal employee login credentials. Or wish to launch a ransomware attack for a payout. Or possibly plant spyware to steal sensitive info. Sending a phishing email can do them all 80% of surveyed security professionals say that phishing campaigns have significantly increased post-pandemic. Phishing not only continues to work, but it’s also increasing in volume due to the move to remote teams. Many employees are now working from home. [...]

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5 Biggest Questions About Windows 11 Answered

Microsoft’s latest operating system is starting to take the world by storm. But before jumping ship and upgrading to the new OS, better read this first. It’s finally here. After six years, Microsoft has just released the latest version of its operating system — Windows 11. So what does that mean for our lovely customers here at Knibbs? At a time when computers and technology play a more central role in human lives, tech companies are scrambling to deliver the best user experience possible to capture the ever-expanding market. Microsoft’s answer to the growing demand for better technology for home [...]

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Enhance your privacy online with DuckDuckGo

Tired of being tracked wherever you go on the Internet? Take the first step in your privacy journey by changing the way you search the internet. Block those annoying ad trackers and increase your browsing privacy by using DuckDuckGo apps on your mobile devices and install the browser extensions on your PC or Mac. It's free of charge so start taking back your privacy. Download DuckDuckGo on all your devices With just one download you'll get tracker blocking, private searching, increased encrypting, and privacy grading on all of your browsing. The mobile apps for iOS/Android (DuckDuckGo Privacy Browser) and browser extensions for Firefox, Chrome, [...]

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Why Security Awareness Training? Ransomware, that’s why.

Old-school Security Awareness Training does not hack it anymore Today, your employees are frequently exposed to advanced phishing and ransomware attacks. Your users are the weak link in your IT security. There are 5 ways (call them generations) to train end-users: "Do Nothing", rely on filters and count on users to not click on phishing links. It is surprising that 25% of organizations still use this tactic. "The Break Room", herd all users once a year into the break room. Keep them awake with donuts and coffee during the death by PowerPoint slide deck. "The Monthly Security Video", where users are [...]

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